Why publish in Inflammation & Cancer?

Inflammation & Cancer is an exciting new scientific journal publishing cutting-edge research in the field of inflammation and cancer. Inflammation & Cancer is a high impact factor journal that brings together major original works from academics, clinicians, biotech researchers and pharmaceutical scientists. The journal provides a cohesive forum for publication of first rate scientific original works as well as editorial discussions to advance the understanding of the role of inflammation in cancer.

Featured Articles

Mice treated with bacteria show cancer resistanceD. Jones. Inflammation & Cancer; 1:58-60. advanced online publication Sept. 15, 2018 Review: Inflammation and Cancer, latest advancements. D. Smith, & B. Jones.  Inflammation & Cancer; 1:61-66. advanced online publication Sept. 15, 2018 Obesity model for inflammation and cancer. R. Duke, M. Goodman, & P. D. Bay. Inflammation & Cancer; 1:1-5.  advanced online publication August 3, 2018

missionstatementheading-infInflammation & Cancer, is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer and the role inflammatory responses play in those mechanisms. We welcome high-quality original research works, as well as, thought provoking editorials and reviews. We also encourage submission of works of clinical and translational significance.  The goal of Inflammation & Cancer is to fully elucidate the basic molecular mechanisms of inflammatory response in cancer models and then to integrate this knowledge with clinically relevant data to bridge the translational gap.  Inflammation & Cancer aims to act not just as a publication venue, but also as a literary “round table” of ideas; a place to come to integrate and communicate new and important ideas & discoveries in the field. We welcome your submissions and comments.


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